Contributions to local enterprises for a stronger economy and sustainability

Contributions to local enterprises for a stronger economy and sustainability

Everybody complains that big fish (big companies) eat small fish (mse and local enterprises), some are afraid to loose their grocery that I had been shopping for years by chatting some are afraid to loose their tailor who can make a blouse from their old shirts.

Borders are almost meaningless from economic perspective in the world. There are lots of countries that are inviting big companies to their land to solve employment issues. This situatiın is not only about politics, but also after graduation, university students prefer to work for international big companies, and at the same time those students will complain about loosing their grecories.


Supporting local and SME’s is a sustainable movement and also empowers your economy. SME’s make up over 95 percent of enterprises and account for 60 to 70 percent of jobs in most OECD countries.


What happened if you buy local ones in ten?

If you spend your money in local shops, perhaps they will invest locally, like they will hire someone locally when they need.

Enviromentally, you provide consistancy. You spend natural resource to reach to the place, so your carbon footprint will be less, you gain some more time and also, local shops get the supplies from other close and local places, you can provide consistancy economicly as well.


You protect the originality of your town. While supermarcet numbers are going higher, it is possible to see them almost every corner,this is also creating one single consumption culture in a way. On the other hand, if you consume loccally, you support your twon’s authentic commercial values. These values can survive longer, and the attractiveness ans authenticity of your town goes higher.


They build a sense of community. Because if you go to a local shop, all employees are your neighbors some how. You have time to chat with them, talk about different local issues, all of these sharings brings commitment and belonging.  At the same time, a research in 2011 showed that NGO’s are getting the biggest part of their funds from local enterprises. So your small support can create a big effect on society.

You encourge entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a total seeking process. Especially small size enterprises has to work on finding needs more than bigger ones. Because they know keeping advantage and surival depends on satisfing the needs. And also, seeing the some local business can survive can encourge more different ideas, so in the route more ideas can come and they can provide more employment, these support to innovative ideas so in the long term, reaching to a better service and products can be possible.


Local shops are in decrease, and yes big fish eat small fish, at the end it is creating one single culture to interact, in long term harmony of diversity dies. And we all start to isolate one another.


First, we can hug to the closest. It’s possible you cannot volunteer to a NGO or you cannot donate for any social issue but you can buy local and it can solve proactively to social issues.


You can start with your first shopping plan to be a part of a change…



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