Creative Expresions and Learning, ups! ?

Creative Expresions and Learning, ups! ?

Why arts?

Because art is attractive,

because art is fun,

because art is an experience of freedom,

because art is real and we all are real with art.


When you mix your your trainings -ones you do, ones you prepare- with arts what can happen?

Art, itself has lots of magic in it. It brings joy, fun, laugh and more emotions so sharing different emotions together support to develop empathy.


Taking creative risks and finding opportunities to take risks teaches to be in a place that there is not right or wrong so stretching and learning risks can be taken easier. Artistic expression build confidence to learner. By taking creative risks and getting appreciation and seeing “being” is more important then being “right or wrong”, it is going to be easier to improve confidence as learner.


The process from the beginning till building confidence keep lots of key details in it like being heart and seen, acceptance, sharing emotions, and appreciation. When all of them come together, they strengthens human connection. So it is easier to break walls and build bridges.


So this adventure means if you start with one individual’s journey with expression in a group at the end you can reach to a community  by using arts.


Maybe it sounded so abstract, here is the one of true stories from the US,

Ron Clark’s story;



Catch the Fire, Taylor & Murphy, NSP Publisher

You can also reach to many health research about creative expression and child just like;

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you can read more about the Ron Clark Academy

another offering to watch, if you are looking for a changemaker teacher story here you are Marva Collins.