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50 Ways to Support Mother Nature

This article coming for starters, here is the main idea make small changes and have the cumulative effect to consume less 🙂

For the neccesity ground before starting, please prepare your mind that this can be really easy.

Why leaving ecologically?

It’s less complicated

It’s cheaper,

You need more people interactions so it is more sociable


Here we are to give some daily attitudes to step into an ecological life;


  1. Change your light pulps with energy saver versions, if you don’t feel comportable while reading or watching tv, change the other rooms and you can find different color versions as well.
  2. Shut down your computers, if you wanna find them turned on you sen set the clock, in way you can save around 40 watts.
  3. You can turned off extra rinse set of your washing machine, you can save water around 20 galons.
  4. Don’t use pre-heat your oven. If you don’t do pastry no need for that, and also while it is working try to control less by opening the cover.
  5. Recycle the glasses. Recycling glasses decrease %20 percent air pollution and %50 percent water pollution. Producing glass has really high ecological footprint and also it can take million years to resolute in soil. One ton recycled glass can save to use 9 gallons fuel oil.
  6. Be aware of using diapers and sanitary peds. These kind of products are not recyclable, it is easy to use but you can check for alternatives. Reusable diapers, or reusable underwears or women cups etc.
  7. Don’t use drying machine. Sun and wind will be enough to dry your clothes. And you can save lots of energy at the same time.
  8. Go vegeterian at least ones in a week. It cannot be possible for everyone to be vegan or vegaterian but you can decrease some of your animal product consumption. At climate change statictics stock raising has huge number to be responsible. 0,5kg meat production cost 2500 gallons water and stock rasing cost to much forest area. And also metan gas numbers are so high from stock farms. So eating vegan or vegetarian help you to decrease your all footprints.
  9. Choose cold or warm programs at your washing machine. Washing machines don’t store the water and heat like water heaters so they spend to much energy to heat water. You can use some soap for stronger spots before washing or you can choose some biodegradable stain removers.
  10. Use less paper towel. Baceuse of the design, it is easier to use more paper towels. Please pay attention to use less. You can try to learn to tear half of of etc
  11. Use both sides of your papers or notebook’s papers. And also you can go recycled papers if it is easier to reach. In Turkey, we don’t produce recycled paper in different qulities only one and that one is not easy to work on everything. Maybe it is not the same situation to reach recycled paper, if not try to use both sides of your papers anyway. You can pay attention which pen would help you with the paper.
  12. Recycle your newspapers. Learn the closest recycle bin for paper and add to your walking routine or walking route for shopping routine. Or you can find lots of ideas on the web for DIY projects with them.
  13. Reuse gift-wrapping paper or boxes. These kind of paper has so big footprints. They are mostly so strong and they have nice patterns. You can cover your selves or use for more different ideas it is up to your creativity.
  14. Check for bottled waters again. Those water has big ecological footprints as well. And bottle doesn’t matter plastic or glass. You can search about water purifiers and you can have a nice termos and carry with you.
  15. Take shower shorter. Instead of taking long showers or using bathtubs take short showers. this will help to use less water and also less energy to heat the water.
  16. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. When you calcute for the year, you will have a big number water saving.
  17. Try to grow vagetables or fruit at home. You can find lots of easy growing tips at home or on your small balcony. There are many things you can choose, you can go green with parsley, rockets, or even carrot and potato, or you can go with small trees like lemon. Start with deciding what you want and discovering what kind of conditions at your place.
  18. Pay attention to your detergants. Are they biodegradable? You can also go DIY detergants, it is easy to find some recepies online.
  19. Plant a tree. It doesn’t have to be on your backyard. You can donate to some NGO’s that are doing this as well. Try to seperate some of your coins ones in a year for one tree.
  20. At least ones in a week use public transportation. Using public transportation is cheaper and has smaller ecological footprint.
  21. Don’t be afraid of using second hand. From furnitures to clotes or from books to accesories you have lots of choices to use second hand. Start where you feel closer.
  22. Consume locally. Consuming locally has a smaller ecological footprint, it helps to get higher local interacitons and it will support your community culture.
  23. Pay  attention to your thermostat’s degree. Keep the degree more reasonable on your thermostat, water heater or air conditioner.
  24. Use your own mug. instead of using paper glasses you can bring your cup to office. Paper or plastic glaases has big footprints and also long resolution proces.
  25. Accumulate your errands. You can do all of them in one or in a half day. You can plan your route to reach each other pay attention to the closest ways.
  26. Turn off the lights that you don’t use. Even if you leave the room for a short period, turn off the lights. It is a kind of habit that you need time to learn.
  27. If you have a garden don’t prefer graases. They need to much water to be green. You can check for some wild trefoils if you want only green. Or you can try to grown different kind of things like flowers, fruits or vegetables.
  28. Organise your picnics ecologically. Don’t prefer one use products, you can have a small picnic bag with one cup, termos and plates- knifes and forks.
  29. Recycle your electronics. Especially in Turkey changing mobile phones numbers are incredible. But leaving electronic rubbish means leaving so many chemicals and rubbish to the nature at the same time.
  30. Maintain your equipments. instead of changing immadiately, if you maintain regularly the equipments they can be usable for longer.
  31. Recycle your cabinat straps. It doesn’t matter you prefer plastic or some part metal or wood. If you can recycle do it, if not go for upcycle.
  32. Recycle your alimunium plates and folios. If you recycle 20 plates you will save the energy to produce for one plate.
  33. Try to work at home. If it is possible for you to work at home ones in a week or twice, do it. You will save your transportaitional cost and footprints as well.
  34. Keep close your windows and fireplace cover. Windows are so important for isolation so pay attention to that and also if you close the cover of fireplace you can save 1m window’s heat loss.
  35. Stop the commercial e-mails. You spend to much time and energy to delete those you don’t even read. So spend your time to cancel e-mails if you don’t read.
  36. Prefer matches intead of lighters. Lighters are made from plastic and it cludes butane gasses both are from petroleum. Matches are produces from industrial forests and they resolve easily.
  37. Try to read on electronic screens. You will save money by buying e-books, you will use less paper and less space. If you buy magazines or newspapaers please pay attention to recycle.
  38. Donate. If you have some old staff, try to find some people who can use them instead of leaving them to rubbish boxes. Sharing will help you a lot to decrease garbage production.
  39. Pay attention while you are washing your car. Automatic washing systems use less water then you. If you don’t ahve such systems close to you, try to put some water limits for your washing session.
  40. Stop using plastic bags. An avarage plastic bag will not resolve in 1000 years and “enviromentally friendly” version will not resolve in 100 years. They are totally evil. Have some cloth bags for your shopping. They are not heavy so you can keep in your bag one at least all the time.
  41. Download the software. Instead of buying CDs, try to download. Leave these kind of attitudes and meet and use some cloud technology.
  42. Use online tickets for travelling. For your flights or bus travels you can use online versions on your smart phones.
  43. Don’t use home phones with recording. They use 24 hours energy, while cell phones are so common maybe it is time to choose something less complicated.
  44. How complicated kitchen machines you need? Try to go with easier versions, for example a coffee machine with mixer use 4times more energy then without it.
  45. Pay attention to your plastic material use. Plastics are everywhere, packing, daily use materials etc. Try to go some cuts for them. Find out the alternatives.
  46. Pay your bills online. So bills won’t have transportation footprint and you won’t have either. Follow them online and use online banking, you will save a lot time and money and you will cut your footprint as well.
  47. Go online banking. Learn easy things online, instead of preparing for going out, going out, consume some petroluem and consuming some time, you can shift to consume just a bit electiricity.
  48. You can use recharcable batteries. Batteries have a lot footprint they are more dangerous after using part with all those chemicals. So pick some a longer life.
  49. Try to create a movement at your apartment. Maybe your building is suitable for some renewable energy if this is too big, try to work on recycling project.
  50. SHARE. Whatever you learned, whatever you use, whatever you changed, go and tell to people. Share your information and experince.


These small steps can help you a lot for a bigger transformation. I hope you are still willing to try 🙂


Creative Expresions and Learning, ups! ?

Why arts?

Because art is attractive,

because art is fun,

because art is an experience of freedom,

because art is real and we all are real with art.


When you mix your your trainings -ones you do, ones you prepare- with arts what can happen?

Art, itself has lots of magic in it. It brings joy, fun, laugh and more emotions so sharing different emotions together support to develop empathy.


Taking creative risks and finding opportunities to take risks teaches to be in a place that there is not right or wrong so stretching and learning risks can be taken easier. Artistic expression build confidence to learner. By taking creative risks and getting appreciation and seeing “being” is more important then being “right or wrong”, it is going to be easier to improve confidence as learner.


The process from the beginning till building confidence keep lots of key details in it like being heart and seen, acceptance, sharing emotions, and appreciation. When all of them come together, they strengthens human connection. So it is easier to break walls and build bridges.


So this adventure means if you start with one individual’s journey with expression in a group at the end you can reach to a community  by using arts.


Maybe it sounded so abstract, here is the one of true stories from the US,

Ron Clark’s story;



Catch the Fire, Taylor & Murphy, NSP Publisher

You can also reach to many health research about creative expression and child just like;

  • Evaluation of a classroom program of creative expression workshops for refugee and immigrant children, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 46:2 (2005), pp 180–185
  • Effects of a Creative Expression Intervention on Emotions, Communication, and Quality of Life in Persons with Dementia, Nurs Res. 2010 ; 59(6): 417–425. doi:10.1097/NNR.0b013e3181faff52.
  • Integration of Creative Expression into Community Based Participatory Research and Health Promotion with Native Americans, Fam Community Health. 2010 ; 33(3): 186–192. doi:10.1097/FCH.0b013e3181e4bbc6.

you can read more about the Ron Clark Academy

another offering to watch, if you are looking for a changemaker teacher story here you are Marva Collins.